Deluxe Hotel Hacks for your Guest Room's featured image

Hosting family or friends this holiday season? A few tricks of the trade will transform your dull and boring spare space into a 5-star guest room. According to Martha Stewart’s Homekeeping Handbook, the secret, an art form of sorts, is to make guests feel completely at home, and yet transported away. You’ve got this, now go channel your inner interior decorator!

Pack up Personal Items

The more personal things you leave in a guest room, the more guests will feel like they’re imposing on your space. Take down photos of family and friends and replace them with photos of the places you’ve been, or pleasing wall art like landscapes and forest pines. Mirrors are a great addition so guests can get ready in privacy, plus, mirrors add light to the room.

Invest in Beautiful Bedding

When it comes to combining comfort and luxury, the devil is in the detail. Beautiful bedding is the essence of the perfect guest room. Good quality sheets have a thread count of 200 or more. And duvets are preferable to sheets. They’re comfortable, warm, easy-to-use and look fabulous. Throw pillows add the final touch.

Paint the Perfect Hue

Lean towards cooler hues that give your guest room a relaxing, calm atmosphere. Shades of gray, blue, green and purple are favourable. As well as reducing stress and anxiety, these colours can make a space seem bigger, especially if your room is a bit on the smallish side. Get creative! If you live near the beach, incorporate a nautical theme. Or add a splash of colour with a whimsical figurine.

Finishing Touches

So, you may not want to go as far as chocolates on the pillow at night, but a few extra flourishes will make your guests feel pampered. Accessorize with a lush potted plant, a throw blanket and a pair of slippers for colder nights. Magazines and books are a nice addition. But too many will appear cluttered. Be selective!



Photo by Mary Whitney