About Us

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Purpose and Values

Welcome to the heart of MOLLY MAID Canada – our purpose and values, where we lay out the foundational principles that define Canada’s #1 cleaning company. Our purpose is the driving force behind every sweeping, scrubbing and sanitizing endeavour we undertake. It embodies our commitment to delivering unparalleled cleanliness and satisfaction to our clients’ spaces, as we focus on our goal to deliver the best service and experience in Canada. Our values serve as the cornerstone, reflecting the core beliefs that guide our actions and decisions. They are the very essence of who we are, resonating in every corner we clean, and every client we serve. Together, our purpose and values form a compass that steers our efforts, ensuring we uphold the highest standards of service excellence in every space we touch.

We show compassion and respect for all people, our communities and our planet.

Creating joy and comfort where people live, work and play.

We are fully committed to our clients and to each other; we strive for excellence in everything we do.

We are united; we achieve more when we collaborate and work together.

We build long-lasting relationships with our clients through service excellence.

We show up with the intent to contribute to a winning culture and to make a positive impact through our skills, passion and hard work.

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The very first home cleaned by MOLLY MAID was in Mississauga, Ontario, by our founders Adrienne and Chris Stringer back in 1979. The Stringers believed that busy families and homeowners would rather spend their time focusing on the more important things in life, rather than cleaning their home.

It didn’t take long for MOLLY MAID to become a household name in Mississauga and the surrounding area. One reason was because of our easily identifiable pink and blue corporate colours. In fact, even today many people recognize MOLLY MAID by the distinctive colours of our vehicles and by our commitment to providing the highest quality house cleaning possible.

Since 1979, MOLLY MAID has expanded not only across Canada but also into the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and Portugal. Each year, MOLLY MAID Franchises perform more than 2 million home cleanings — all from our humble beginnings in Mississauga, Ontario.

We’re proud of our history and of our founders, Adrienne and Chris, for starting what has become one of the world’s most successful residential cleaning companies.

Executive Team

Chairman of MOLLY MAID Canada Jim MacKenzie

Jim MacKenzie is the Chairman of both MOLLY MAID Canada and MOLLY MAID International Inc. Jim was one of the early pioneers who identified the potential in the residential cleaning industry. Alongside Adrienne and Chris Stringer, Jim helped establish the systems that have distinguished MOLLY MAID as one of Canada’s most identifiable brands, and the number one house cleaning company in Canada. Today, Jim uses his experience and business acumen to help Franchise Partners grow their business and continually improve the MOLLY MAID client experience.

Jim MacKenzie graduated from Queen’s University with a Bachelor of Business Administration. He began his career in accounting, later transferring to a leading consumer packaged goods company in the sales and marketing department. Before leaving to establish the MOLLY MAID business system and brand, he occupied a senior role in leading product development for an international consumer product company. Described as focused, funny, passionate and sincere, Jim has infused MOLLY MAID with his own brand of energetic leadership, vision, and spirit.

President and CEO of MOLLY MAID Canada Aaron Abrams

After seven years with the company, Aaron took over as President and CEO of MOLLY MAID Canada. Prior to his current role, Aaron led the organization as Vice President and General Manager. He previously held Director roles at MOLLY MAID in both Business Development and Marketing.

Aaron holds two bachelor’s degrees from Western University and has attended Executive Education courses at the Richard Ivey School of Business (Western University) as well as at the Cambridge Judge Business School (University of Cambridge).

A former international athlete, Aaron carries many of the values and disciplines he learned on the field of play into the business environment. Aaron’s exceptional work ethic — coupled with a strong belief in a team-based approach to seizing opportunities and solving business challenges — has enabled MOLLY MAID to continue to thrive in a competitive Canadian marketplace.