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The MOLLY MAID Opportunity

Since 1979, individuals just like you have joined our growing MOLLY MAID team. With the right set of skills, combined with our proven Franchise Systems and brand awareness, you too can experience the success our Franchise Partners continue to achieve through the ownership of a MOLLY MAID Franchise.

MOLLY MAID is the largest Canadian-based residential cleaning company in the world, with exciting business opportunities available! You receive an exclusive territory for your MOLLY MAID cleaning service Franchise. Ownership of a MOLLY MAID Franchise provides:

A low-risk investment opportunity in a high-growth industry

An experienced team at the MOLLY MAID Support Office, dedicated to helping you succeed

Market-leading brand awareness

Proven business systems

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To help determine if MOLLY MAID is the right fit for you, please complete our prequalification questions below.

*Do you have a valid drivers licence?

*Are you committed to operating the franchise full-time?

*What's your investment level?

*What level of income do you require to sustain your current lifestyle?

Thank you for your interest in MOLLY MAID. In order to own and operate a MOLLY MAID Franchise, we do require Franchise Owners to operate the business full-time and have a valid driver’s licence. If your circumstances change, please contact us.

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    As a team, we are constantly improving our programs and systems to help our Franchise Partners achieve their full potential and optimal success.

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    The Value of a MOLLY MAID Franchise

    The motivation to own your own business combined with the support of an established, brand-name company makes a strong combination when you add up the value of a MOLLY MAID Franchise. A housekeeping Franchise is a solid move for prospective owners looking for stability and growth when you consider these factors:

    • You can begin with low overhead and invest over time
    • Your business model is dependable and straightforward
    • You have reliable repeat business when you provide quality service
    • You can hire entry-level employees who can work flexible schedules

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