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We’re Here for YOU!

When it comes to working, nothing beats being your own boss. However, it’s still reassuring to know that you’re not completely on your own. When you join the MOLLY MAID team, you can rely on friendly advice and expert guidance when you need it. We offer our Franchise Partners practical support in every aspect of the business. From assistance with local advertising and marketing initiatives to providing tools and recommendations to recruiting and training team members, we’re here to do everything we can to help you succeed.

Communication is important, and the lines are always open; whether it be through a telephone call, email or on our web-based intranet. Franchise Partners often exchange ideas and advice with each other and our Support Office about important things happening within their business. You can count on the entire MOLLY MAID team to offer support and guidance when you need it.

Training Makes it Easy

All MOLLY MAID Franchise Partners undergo a comprehensive one-week initial training program at the Support Office in Oakville, Ontario. During this week, you will learn the MOLLY MAID System and necessary procedures that will ultimately make you and your Franchise successful. Your dedicated Franchise Coach will offer on-going support and training for enhancements made to our current system. Annual seminars and bi-annual Conventions provide Franchise Partners with the ability to learn new business skills, refine existing ones and network in person with other Franchise Partners across Canada. The training week includes all of the below – and more:

  • Personnel training and recruitment
  • A guide to local marketing activities and initiatives, which will provide a consistent flow of client leads
  • Training on how to conduct in-home estimates, and how to create a positive MOLLY MAID experience for our clients
  • Management of your business, including client care, scheduling teams and clients, sales and marketing, administration and health and safety
  • An overview of our Green Housekeeping Program and how our cleaning system works
Aaron Abrams's image

Aaron Abrams

President & CEO

Fiona  Styant's image

Fiona Styant

Director of Franchise Development

Mike Kuberski's image

Mike Kuberski

Director of Franchise Success

Phil Crouch's image

Phil Crouch

Director of IT

Bryan Chalmers's image

Bryan Chalmers

Franchise Coach

Linda Canario's image

Linda Canario

Franchise Coach

Cynthia  Bentley's image

Cynthia Bentley

Administration Manager

Kim Bartsch's image

Kim Bartsch

Administration & Shipping

Emily Kerr's image

Emily Kerr

Administration Assistant

Kelly Riley-Dunbavin's image

Kelly Riley-Dunbavin

Marketing & Growth Manager

Sandra Eliopoulos's image

Sandra Eliopoulos

Accounting Supervisor

Cathy  Duncan's image

Cathy Duncan

Accounts Payable & Receivable

Adelaide O'Connor's image

Adelaide O'Connor

Accounting Consultant

Colton Boyd's image

Colton Boyd


We’ll get you Started!

Once you feel comfortable about launching your new business, we’ll be there to provide the resources and expertise you need to get started. We will assist you in organizing your initial team recruitment and advertising plan. With everything in place, you’ll have the time to concentrate on developing your client base.

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