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MOLLY MAID is the industry leader in cleaning – and demand continues to surge, even during the pandemic.  We have introduced the Healthy Home Cleaning System to safely provide both residential and light commercial cleaning during this unprecedented time so that you will feel safe as you run your MOLLY MAID Franchise.  Now is the perfect time for you to explore our newest Franchise offering, the neighbourhood franchise option! Investing in a franchise is a big decision, one that can provide many rewards.  But achieving success does not come without both hard and smart work.  If you have ever aspired to own your own business and achieve success, owning and operating a neighbourhood franchise model from  MOLLY MAID may be the right fit for you.  Amongst other things, we offer the following:
  • The ability to earn an income right away while operating and building a successful Franchise.
  • Initial training and education which spans approximately three weeks, one week of which is conducted on-site at our Support Office in Oakville, Ontario.
  • Ongoing support from the best Franchisees in the industry! MOLLY MAID Franchise Partners from right across the country meet regularly online and in-person to learn and share from each other (and to celebrate each other’s successes of course!).
  • Assistance building out an annual business plan to help you achieve success each year. Part of this business plan will include a robust marketing strategy that will incorporate online marketing and a strong digital presence which is managed by our Marketing Team – so all you need to is respond to your sales leads!
  • The number one brand in the residential cleaning industry. In fact, our brand is a household name in Canada with nearly 8 out of 10 Canadians aware of the MOLLY MAID brand.
  • An operating system that has evolved for over 40-years and continues to undergo regular improvements.
  • Ensuring you manage a streamlined operation – when running a business, operating efficiencies are key to success.
We provide our Franchise Partners with a superior competitive advantage and a proven business system to help them succeed.  Some of the benefits of running the neighourhood Franchise model with  MOLLY MAID  include:
  • A low-risk investment opportunity in a high-growth industry.
  • Your business will primarily operate Monday to Friday, 8am-5pm, creating a fantastic work-life balance for you, your family and your team.
  • Work from a home-based office, eliminating the expense of office space.
  • Have access to a highly experienced team at the MOLLY MAID Support Office, dedicated to helping you succeed in your Franchise.
We’ve learned over the years that businesses aren’t successful, people are. If you have the drive and passion to be successful and want to own and operate your own MOLLY MAID Franchise, contact Fiona Styant TODAY at 1.855.248.0355 ext. 230 for more information, and please visit the Franchise Opportunities section of our website by clicking here.

The Industry

The residential cleaning industry in Canada is big, like really, really big.  In fact, the industry transacts over $4.3 billion annually and grows each year. Wouldn’t you love to be a part of a growing industry, particularly now that there is even more awareness and a need for clean spaces!

In business for yourself but not by yourself, we support you.

We have a very dedicated team who wants to see you excel in your business, we’re all one big team at MOLLY MAID! You don’t need to have any business or cleaning experience to become a MOLLY MAID Franchisee. For our neighbourhood model, we provide three weeks of training with an incredible amount and a variety of resources. We also provide ongoing support and coaching once you’ve started your new venture, we’re only ever a call, text, email, or Zoom away.

Re-sale value

We’re often asked what the biggest difference is between starting a cleaning business without our brand, system, and support and starting a cleaning business with MOLLY MAID.  The success rate is by far the most significant while operating the business, but when you’re looking to move on and sell your business, there is a big difference for someone looking to buy a business when there is a Franchise brand (and one as reputable and well-known as MOLLY MAID no less) attached to it.  This will give you an instant lift, and likely a much stronger return when you plan to sell your Franchise. Visit the Neighbourhood Model FAQ page for more information and answers to some of the most common questions about this Franchise opportunity.

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