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Empowering everyday Canadians and cleaners with the dream of business ownership

Since the first MOLLY MAID Franchise launched in 1980, MOLLY MAID has become the powerhouse brand of the residential cleaning industry in Canada. Based on the success of nearly five decades, MOLLY MAID is now bringing its service to more Canadians.
“We first saw the opportunity when we noticed that our Franchise Partners in smaller markets across the country were doing exceptionally well,” says President and CEO Aaron Abrams. ”The smaller markets comprised a big portion of the top 1/3 of our entire Franchise system. And within these smaller markets, we had several amazing success stories where cleaners grew to become highly successful Franchise Partners.”
 “We also saw that our target markets of both the dual-income family and seniors had changed significantly,” continued Abrams. “These markets had doubled over the past 30 years, which meant that there were so many more communities across Canada that needed a MOLLY MAID Franchise. And that is why we launched the Neighbourhood Franchise model. This was our way to empower cleaners and other individuals who had always dreamt of business ownership but didn’t have the capital or confidence to pursue it. Coupled with the fact that we have over 80 smaller communities in Canada that absolutely need MOLLY MAID in their community, we felt that now was the perfect time to introduce this new model.”

“Because of the success we have had in our 500 cities and towns across Canada, it is time to bring MOLLY MAID to every smaller community across Canada who have been missing out, " continues Abrams. “We can take all the existing systems, the collective knowledge, the brand power and the spirit of our current Franchise Partners and now help make the business ownership dreams of individuals who live in these smaller communities come true.”

Build a business in a market that is growing so fast that we need way more MOLLY MAID Franchise Partners

You probably know the MOLLY MAID brand. We are the most recognized cleaning brand in Canada (by a long shot). That’s what over 40 years of excellence and market dominance in an industry gets you. And you might think how is there an opportunity for me to own this business?  "The truth is, our market is growing so fast, and has changed so much over the past 20 years, that we are now opening up 40 new markets across the country, " answers Abrams. "For the first time in many years, we actually have Franchises available. This next phase of our growth is so exciting – we already dominate as a brand today; just wait until we begin to permeate the smaller communities across the country."
What is driving this growth opportunity?
The residential cleaning market is growing at an unprecedented rate, resulting in a demand that hasn’t been experienced since we launched the company in 1979. Recent research shows that the residential cleaning industry in Canada is now worth an astounding $8 billion! The growth is being fueled by the convergence of three forces that are all happening RIGHT NOW:

Since we launched MOLLY MAID as a Franchise system in 1980, the dual-income family, our main client demographic and the type of household who uses the MOLLY MAID service the most (defined as those households where two or more people work and make money) have more than DOUBLED. Further to this, it is forecasted that 80% of dual-income families will use outside cleaning services. (That is a MASSIVE market!)

There is a tsunami of baby boomers who are entering the senior phase of their life every single day in this country, leading to the more than doubling of this client base in every market across Canada. They are retiring with more disposable income than the generation before them.

And we know that 87% of all seniors want to stay in their own homes, and the number one thing that helps them do so is having a cleaning service.

The trend to outsource home services to save time has become more common in our society. This is particularly true when it comes to our core client, the dual-income household, who chooses to spend more time at work to create the lifestyle of their choice, leading to the 'shedding' of household chores, with cleaning being at the top of the list.

"I have never been more excited about our industry and our business", says Abrams. "On top of these three major forces that are driving our growth, the big kicker was COVID. The pandemic completely shifted cleaning perceptions. Cleaning service itself was deemed an essential service during this time. And now, more and more people are looking to have a professional cleaner in their home – we’ve had more requests for services in smaller communities than ever before. Many of our previous clients moved out of the city during the pandemic and they still want MOLLY MAID to clean their homes, so the demand remains high. With this massive growth in our market, we have launched our Neighbourhood Franchise."

Welcome to the MOLLY MAID Neighbourhood Franchise

Success in a MOLLY MAID Franchise isn't just in the big cities.

Our Franchises in the smaller markets across Canada are some of our most successful. Fredericton, North Bay, Yellowknife, East Gloucester, St. Thomas and Medicine Hat are just a few examples. Why? Because the owners are able to quickly engage with their local community. Our brand strength is incredible in the Canadian market so, once you start advertising for both clients and team members you will see immediate results.

The Neighbourhood Franchise is the future of our brand growth in Canada. Most of the major cities in Canada have had MOLLY MAID servicing their community for many years…and we are now taking our brand to small towns and cities across the country. Giving more Canadians access to our service.

What is a Neighbourhood Franchise? A Neighbourhood Franchise is a low-cost business ownership opportunity where you start out as a hands-on operator in the business. And when we say 'hands-on", we mean cleaning. With our traditional Franchise, the owners aren’t out cleaning because they’re needed to oversee the operation and manage their teams and clients. In the Neighbourhood Franchise, you start out as the first cleaner. Why does this matter to you? It's simple. Because you can make money from day one.  You see, in most business start-ups, it takes time to start making money, making it difficult to leave your job. With this opportunity, you start earning with your very first clean.

Then, as you follow the MOLLY MAID marketing and lead-generating systems (just ask our Franchise Partners how well these work) you will begin to grow your client base allowing you to hire a partner to help clean.  As you continue to grow the business you will then hire someone to replace you on that team and start your second. All of the same training, systems and support that has made our Partners successful over the past 45 years is available to you.

Who are MOLLY MAID Neighbourhood Franchise Partners?

MOLLY MAID Franchise Partners do not need business experience or a degree, only a passion for great client service and a healthy dose of grit in their DNA.

To own any MOLLY MAID Franchise, you don't need any experience in business. We specialize in helping those who dream of being their own boss but don’t know how to run, start or grow their own businesses. It's our specialty. We have all the operational and business know-how that you need to build a successful MOLLY MAID Franchise. This means you get to focus on delivering your expertise of providing an exceptional client experience, engaging the community you love diving in and building a real business. We are looking for Franchise Partners who are passionate about providing world-class client experience, engaging with their community to the highest level and continuously learning. For those who want to learn, we will guide you every step of the way in opening, running and growing your MOLLY MAID Franchise. No degree or higher level of education required!

Fiona Styant, who works directly with people interested in this opportunity says, “What I love about this opportunity is that all of our Neighbourhood Partners need to be "hands-on'' in the Franchise. Not only does this mean a Franchise Partner will start making money quickly, but it will ensure they understand how to deliver an exceptional cleaning experience. We guide them every step of the way. Once they begin to grow, we help them recruit their first team member to help clean, after which they will gain an understanding of the type of individuals that they wish to add to their team, making the second and third hires so much easier. Over time, they build a business where they no longer are required to clean, and then we teach them how to work on growing the business. This is why we look for someone willing to learn, and of course, put the time into doing so.

How much money can I make?

We will take you through the process of understanding how much money you could make from owning a MOLLY MAID Franchise, but what is critical to us? We want Franchise Partners who are just as passionate about our brand and our product as they are about making money. In our business, the two have to go hand in hand.

The total investment to start a new MOLLY MAID Neighbourhood Franchise ranges from $25,000 to $30,000 plus $5,000 to $10,000 in operating capital (line of credit).  This figure includes the Franchise Fee, start-up advertising, the costs for supplies and equipment, uniforms, training and other expenses associated with the start-up of the business. 

The decision to open a MOLLY MAID Franchise is a major investment, which is why we offer financing up to 50% of the initial $20,000 Franchise Fee to help make it possible for us to partner with the most passionate people in the industry.

What do I get for my Franchise Fee?

MOLLY MAID has one of the most comprehensive support platforms in the entire industry. We will help you with everything from marketing to your community to growing your client base, how to recruit the right cleaners, how to hire and train and ongoing business and financial coaching.

And perhaps the most important part? You get to leverage the power of the MOLLY MAID brand in your community. Trust us; people will know who you are. We have the largest brand equity of any cleaning company in Canada. In fact, in 2023 a study showed that MOLLY MAID has 23 times more brand awareness than our next closest national competitor.

What about financing?

To make the investment even more affordable for new Franchisees, MOLLY MAID offers financing up to 50% of the initial Franchise Fee which is $20,000.

What about my income?

Because every local Franchise Partner will run their business differently, this isn’t a defined number. As part of our process, you will build out a cash flow projection. From this, you will have a better understanding of how much money you can make owning a MOLLY MAID Franchise.

Start-up costs can vary depending on the market and individuals’ financial needs. To better understand what is typical and how the above numbers might fit a specific situation, fill out the form below and start a conversation with us about opening a MOLLY MAID Franchise today!

The Top 6 Reasons to Own a MOLLY MAID Neighbourhood Franchise

Here are the top reasons a Neighbourhood Franchise is an attractive business model for our Franchise Partners:

1. BRAND power

The power of the MOLLY MAID brand. Is there another industry where you have one brand that has so much recognition and NO ONE ELSE IS RECOGNIZED? You will have a hard time finding this anywhere. Over four decades of trust building goes a LONG, LONG way in getting clients to call you. People recognize MOLLY MAID above other professional cleaning companies. Our 2023 research proved that our name is 59% more recognizable than the next closest competitor!

What does this mean for our new Neighbourhood Franchisees? You will start getting calls in your first week and you will begin servicing clients in your first month of operation.

2. The MOLLY MAID marketing systems.

Why are many of our Franchisees getting more leads than they can handle? When you match the marketing systems that we have spent years refining with our powerful brand recognition, you take away the hardest part of building a business – making sure you have enough leads to turn into long-term clients.

3. Our culture.

You will experience the power of our ALL-IN winning culture when you speak to our Franchise Partners. The camaraderie. The support. The care. We are all a team. As a Franchise Partner, you join a community where everyone will support you and be eager to see you succeed. Everyone will reach out and give you tips and insight where you need it.

“We foster a winning culture where all Franchise Partners collaborate to help each other succeed to propel the brand and businesses forward,” says Abrams. “We have multiple sources of connection, through our intranet, our regional meetings and National Convention. If you ask any of our Franchisees, they will tell you that the level of inspiration, care and shared knowledge at these events is invaluable.”

We work very hard to align everyone in our organization with our core values of caring, teamwork, ALL-IN, leadership and client focus. We encourage everyone to live these values every day to ultimately achieve our purpose of creating joy and comfort where people live, work and play.

4. The rapid growth of our market is presenting all types of opportunities.

The residential cleaning industry is currently experiencing a growth rate unprecedented in the last four decades since our business began. Remember that $8 billion? That’s a jump from $4.3 billion just four years ago. The three forces that are driving this growth: the doubling of the dual-income household, the rise of the senior population and the outsourcing of household chores are not stopping anytime soon.  “The demand for our service has never been higher,” says Abrams. “We’re hearing from more and more people that they want MOLLY MAID in their communities – so much so that we need to embrace these smaller markets across the country.”

5. The high degree of success we have displayed in our smaller markets across Canada.

There is a reason why our smaller market Franchise Partners have so much success. First, when the MOLLY MAID brand launches in these markets, where everyone already knows our brand – they will all see it and/or they’ll hear about it from their neighbours. That instant recognition helps us successfully launch our Franchise Partners immediately. Second, with our proven marketing systems, our Franchise Partners engage their communities quickly. Referrals come far easier in these markets than the big city markets.  And third, it is far easier to hire new team members in these smaller markets. Our Franchise Partners are so engaged with their communities – there is that small-town mentality, where everyone knows you, so making those connections is easier right from the start. Plus, there aren't as many job opportunities as there are in bigger markets, so it is easier to hire new team members and therefore scale the business.

"Our smaller market Franchise Partners are now the engine of our growth," says Abrams. "The smaller towns across Canada are where our opportunity lies. And our Neighbourhood Franchise Partners are driving that growth. "

6. We provide world-class training. But it doesn’t stop there.

Once your initial training is complete, we provide ongoing support, educational opportunities and cutting-edge technologies.

Available Markets

MOLLY MAID has prime territories available across Canada.

“There is a tremendous amount of growth potential,” says Aaron, “This is an exciting time to be a part of MOLLY MAID."

Click below to find the markets with immediate opportunities to Franchise with MOLLY MAID. If your territory isn't listed, please contact us to see if it is available!

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Next Steps

What happens after I fill out a form to learn more?

Before you can open your new MOLLY MAID Franchise, we need to make sure this is a good fit for you and us. That’s why we’ve developed a Discovery Process to help us learn more about each other and make an informed decision about your future.

Step 1: Connect with the MOLLY MAID Development Team

MOLLY MAID Support Office will contact you to answer any initial questions, determine if the opportunity is within your investment level and find out if we have availability in your area of interest. Don’t worry, you can be sure that you’ll never be under any pressure from us; our goal is to make sure that this is the right fit for you before you commit to joining the network. We’re very careful about who we choose as our partners. The first step in the qualification process is to provide some information about you!  You will complete and return the Franchise Opportunity Questionnaire to the MOLLY MAID Development Team.

Step 2: Cash Flow and Business Planning

The next step is to work through the cash flow planning guide to complete a 12-month cash flow projection (we are happy to assist you through this process) and a business plan. This will provide key insights into the typical expenses associated with operating a MOLLY MAID Franchise.

Step 3: Attend a Webinar with MOLLY MAID Canada's President & CEO

Each month there are scheduled webinars which offer you the opportunity to meet and connect with Aaron Abrams, President and CEO, MOLLY MAID Canada. More details to follow.

Step 4: Meet with MOLLY MAID Franchise Partners

Meetings will be organized with Franchise Partners so you can see a MOLLY MAID operation in action. This will assist you in making your decision with confidence. Utilize this opportunity to ask questions about their experience as a Franchise Partner, the support they receive from MOLLY MAID and most importantly the challenges and rewards of operating a MOLLY MAID Franchise.

Step 5: Discovery Day

The ‘Discovery Day’ provides you with an opportunity to meet the MOLLY MAID Support Office team and discover first-hand our formula for success. Consider it a two-way interview. It’s your chance to ask questions, meet your Partners and determine if it’s the right fit for you!

Step 6: Attend the Foundation for Success Training Week

All MOLLY MAID Franchise Partners complete two weeks of self-directed learning.  We provide all of the information, you just need to view, read and plow through it!  On the second week, we will schedule five – 1-hour Zoom training sessions to go over key learnings and ensure you are on the right track. Finally, you will receive one week of on-site training at the Support Office in Oakville, Ontario. During this week, you will learn the MOLLY MAID System and the necessary procedures that will ultimately make you and your Franchise successful.

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