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Owning and operating your own business is a big decision.  There’s a lot that goes into running a successful business, and we know it’s not easy.  This is where a strong partnership through franchising often makes sense for a lot of people.  You get to be in business for yourself but not by yourself.  Most of our Franchise Partners at MOLLY MAID come to us with very little, if any, business experience – but that’s okay because we do. We’ve put that experience into a tried and tested system to make it easy for you to get going on day one. As you run your Franchise following the MOLLY MAID system, you inevitably end up learning what it takes to be a strong business leader.  It’s well documented that 50%* of entrepreneurs fail in their first five years, but that most franchisees thrive in the same number of years (86%** in Canada).  And our track record at MOLLY MAID is even better than most other Franchisors.  If running a successful business is what you’re looking for, MOLLY MAID could very well be the right fit for you.

We know that most people who don’t have a business background require a lot of support and coaching to make their business venture successful.  Not only will you get the initial training from our team, but you will continue to receive support, coaching and other educational opportunities throughout your journey.  We want nothing more than to see you be successful in your Franchise, and continue to make the tools available for you to do so.  Your success is ultimately our success.

Amongst other things, we will help you build and maintain a loyal customer base which will help you establish recurring revenue, while simultaneously building equity in your business.  We will also help you recruit and maintain a strong team, as we know the team is the foundation for growing the business.

This opportunity is for you.

We’re looking for people who aspire to be business owners and operators and have a true passion for helping others.  MOLLY MAID Franchisees who operate the neighbourhood Franchise model, do not need to have previous business or cleaning experience, that’s where being a Franchisee is so advantageous. If you’re seeking a work-life balance, MOLLY MAID may be the right fit for you.  The majority of our business happens Monday to Friday, daytime hours.  Being the business owners gives you the ability to manage your own schedule, providing the flexibility for you to determine your own work-life balance.

Get started today.

There’s never been a better time than right now. We have locations available across the country that are ready to go! We’ve just been waiting for the right operator. If that’s you contact Fiona Styant today to start on your road to success as a business owner.

*Source: Entrepreneur
**Source: Franchise 101 Inc.

A low-risk investment opportunity in a high-growth industry

Market-leading brand awareness

An experienced team at the MOLLY MAID Support Office, dedicated to helping you succeed

Proven business systems

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To help determine if MOLLY MAID is the right fit for you, please complete our prequalification questions below.

*Do you have a valid driver's licence?

*Are you committed to operating the franchise full-time and while cleaning?

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*What level of income do you require to sustain your current lifestyle?

Thank you for your interest in MOLLY MAID. In order to own and operate a MOLLY MAID Franchise, we do require Franchise Owners to operate the business full-time and have a valid driver’s licence. If your circumstances change, please contact us.

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    As a team, we are constantly improving our programs and systems to help our Franchise Partners achieve their full potential and optimal success.

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    The Value of a MOLLY MAID Franchise

    The motivation to own your own business combined with the support of an established, brand-name company makes a strong combination when you add up the value of a MOLLY MAID Franchise. A housekeeping Franchise is a solid move for prospective owners looking for stability and growth when you consider these factors:

    • You can begin with low overhead and invest over time
    • Your business model is dependable and straightforward
    • You have reliable repeat business when you provide quality service
    • You can hire entry-level employees who can work flexible schedules

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