5 Things to Sanitize Today

We all know the drill. Flu season requires some hypervigilance to keep germs at bay. Surfaces that are repeatedly touched by many different people need to be cleaned daily. 5 Items to Clean Daily to Keep From Getting Sick As we begrudgingly head into cold and flu season, we all need a little reminder of […]

Black Friday Survival Guide for Canadians

Canadians have come to love Black Friday as much as our neighbours to the south. But, a lot goes into finding the best deals, so we’ve pulled together 8 tips to help you navigate the sales. 8 Surefire Black Friday Survival Tips Originally an American sales extravaganza, Black Friday has become the busiest shopping day […]

5 Things to Clean Before Snow Falls

Some chores just can’t be ignored, especially in the fall. As we count down the days until the first snowfall, here are a few chores to cross off your list sooner rather than later. 5 Chores to Prep for Winter While each season ends with its own list of chores, the leap from fall to […]

Draft Proofing Your Home

Make your home warm and cozy this winter with these 5 DIY fixes from MOLLY MAID Canada, your home cleaning expert. Easy to implement, these tricks really work! DIY Tricks to Make Your Home Even Cozier this Winter Natural gas prices have been on the rise this summer, and with cold weather on its way […]

Dollar Store Organization Hacks

Getting organized doesn’t have to be costly. We found many amazing organizational hacks using a few items at your local dollar store! Getting Organized on a Budget Do you struggle to keep organized? Sometimes staying on top of clutter can seem like a 24-hour, never-ending chore. While a regular cleaning routine is the first step, […]

Fall Yard Work 911

Yard work can be tough, especially in the fall when the excitement and anticipation have passed. A bit like cleaning up after a party. That is unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve -and we found some! Fall Yard Cleanup Tricks of the Trade While the leaves may still be on the trees, […]

Organize Your Closet Like a Kardashian

Swapping out shorts and tees for bulky sweaters and jeans is not an easy task. It takes skill to do it well, and a few tips from the pros like Kim K doesn’t hurt. Refresh Your Closet Like the Hollywood Elite Superstar Kim Kardashian started her rise to fame by organizing closets. It’s true. Years […]

The Best Step-by-Step Guide to Canning

There’s a crispness in the air that tells us to prepare for winter. Have you felt it? If so, grab your apron and follow us into the kitchen to preserve this summer’s harvest! How to Take the Taste of Summer into Winter Have you noticed how busy squirrels are this time of year? Preparations for […]

How to Throw a Howl-errific Halloween Party!

Skipping Halloween during the pandemic was hard on kids of all ages. So, this year, why not celebrate with a party? MOLLY MAID has some tips to keep it simple but scary! Tips for Hosting the Best Halloween Haunt The past few Halloweens have seen a different kind of fear, one that has been anything […]

5 Popular Indoor Hanging Plants You Need this Winter

Perfect for small spaces, the macrame hanging pot fad is back! But, not all plants were made to hang. Here are a few of our favourites! Home decor trends this year saw the return of the hanging plant. Magazines were filled with multiple options from the minimalistic wire hanging pots to the more decorative macrame […]

How Do I Clean My Air Fryer?

I finally gave in and bought an air fryer for the family! Such a great purchase and we’ve discovered some great new recipes, but cleaning it is a challenge. Any tips? You asked, and we answered! How Do I Clean My Air Fryer? Air fryers are the new kitchen must-haves as they offer a healthier […]

How to Clean A Waffle Iron

We bought a waffle maker for my husband on Father’s Day. It’s been used every weekend since. Any tips for keeping it clean? You asked, and we answered! It’s easy with a few tips from MOLLY MAID Canada. Gadgets like a waffle iron can transform breakfast from the ordinary to the extraordinary – until it’s […]

How to Clean Toe & Foot Marks from Sandals

I love wearing sandals, but after a few weeks of wearing them, they have dirty toe marks. Is there anything I can do to get the footbed back to its original state? You asked, we answered! How Do I Clean Toe & Foot Dirt Off My Sandals? Most shoe junkies love summer. It’s the season […]

8 Delicious Bento Box Lunch Creations

The dreaded school lunch doesn’t have to be so boring. Ditch the sandwich for something new. A bento box brings a world of wonder to the lunch room. Simple Bento Box Lunch Solutions Sick of sandwiches? We hear ya. So, change it up and create a different kind of lunch. While not a new food […]

Creative Natural Gnat Trap for your Home

Fruit flies and gnats can be a pest this time of year. Before you reach for the apple cider vinegar and dish soap, why not try a new trick? This trap is much more pleasing to the eye! How to Build the Best Fruit Fly Trap Teeny tiny but oh so irritating, we’ve entered the […]

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