Fog Solutions: All the better to see you's featured image

The lenses of your glasses are subject to dirt, fingerprints, dust, hair products and pollution on a daily basis. The good news is, that with a little bit of dish soap, warm water and a clean, microfibre cloth, you can keep your glasses clean and functional all year round!

With the colder weather upon us however, there is one other issue that can become quite a nuisance – fogged lenses. When hot temperatures from your body or home collide with cold temperatures from the air outside, the moisture in the air condenses and creates a layer of tiny water droplets, or fog, that can end up on the lenses of your glasses.

How can you keep glasses from fogging up this winter?

  • Choose a pair of glasses that sit farther away from your face. This will help with air circulation.
  • Use a commercial anti-fog wipe or spray. The anti-fog coating contains ingredients that absorb water and spread out over the coated surface of your lenses.
  • Try some DIY cleaning methods, using items in your home, to help prevent your lenses from fogging up.
    • Clean your glasses with a small dab of shaving cream and buff clean with a microfibre cloth.
    • Use a pure white bar of soap and rub a small amount of it onto your lenses. Buff clean with a microfibre cloth.