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With a history stretching back over 5000 years, garlic is possibly the most versatile item in your pantry. It’s mentioned in both the Bible and the Quran, revered as an aphrodisiac, alleged to ward off vampires, and praised for its health-giving nutrients. But, nowhere is it more celebrated than in the kitchen! From snacks and appetizers to the main course, garlic is a superstar ingredient that adds amazing flavour to any number of recipes.

So, it probably goes without saying that the garlic press is an essential gadget in any well-stocked kitchen. Garlic crushed by a press is generally believed to have a more robust flavour than minced garlic. But how do you keep it clean? All those little holes jammed with garlic can cause frustration for any cook.

Cleaning Tips for your Garlic Press

Thankfully, a little forethought is all it takes and a few household items.

  1. Before use, mist the press with cooking spray. This will keep the garlic from sticking to the press allowing for quick and easy clean up.
  2. After pressing your clove of garlic, use an old toothbrush to wash away remaining garlic husk.
  3. Switching from the toothbrush to a toothpick, poke it through the holes to get rid of any particularly stubborn garlic residue.
  4. If you don’t wash the garlic press right away, the garlic will harden. To soften, soak garlic press in a bowl of water for ten minutes. Garlic residue will soften and will be easy to clean.

PRO TIP: To remove any leftover garlic odour on your garlic press, rinse with warm water and a spritz of lemon!

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