How to Break up with yours Stacks, Heaps and Piles of Things's featured image

Here’s a not-so-secret-secret: the only difference between a tidy home and a messy home is allegiance to storage systems. Look around an organized home and you’ll see storage in every shape and size; custom shelving, cabinets, racks, storage boxes, bins and lovely baskets. Ready to reduce your unsightly mounds once and for all? Follow this 3-rule system:


  1. Toy Storage to the Rescue: If you have a child, or several, your home can often feel swamped with stuffed toys, puzzles, books and art supplies. If you truly want a tidier home, invest in a toy storage system. For organizing ideas for toy bins, bookcases and toy storage units, simply Google “daycare set up” and click on images that interest you. You’ll be surprised at what you find and how effective you can make your space!


  1. Bookcases aren’t just for Books: A very basic, dorm-style bookcase can be turned into a custom-storage cabinet. Simply give it a couple coats of paint to match your décor. You can even cover it in your favourite wallpaper or upholstery. Instead of lining up books, line up decorative storage boxes for those “out of sight, out of mind” items like photo albums, bills and admin file folders, spare batteries for converters and lesser-used electronics.


  1. Closet Storage Ideas: One of the messiest zones in our homes is the front entrance. It’s time to stop piling jackets on your front banister, or slinging them on the closest chair. Instead, look at getting a standing coat rack, or installing a hanging rack near the front door, or even putting up stylish coat hooks for each member of your family.


(Photo by: Bruno)