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If you share a home with roommates or children, the toiletry situation is likely out of hand. Different shampoos and conditioners for every different hair type, two or more almost-empty toothpaste tubes littering the vanity, and sometimes up to a dozen half-used containers of face and body cream. Here’s how the frugalistas get more bang for their buck!

The Toothpaste Tube Squeeze

Yep! Squeeze it all out any cheap and cheerful or bespoke way you can. But there’s a bit of a step 1-2-3 method to the frugal madness.

  • Step 1: Scrape the tube from bottom to top along a sharp-edged counter or table.
  • Step 2: After the sharp-edge-scrape maneuver stops working, you’ll need to consider using a tube squeezer/squeezing tool, or simply cut the toothpaste tube in half.
  • Step 3: To get to the very last bit of toothpaste, cut along the sides of the tube. Using a clean knife, scrape out what’s left and place in a small jar.

The Shampoo & Conditioner Shake

Once you’re starting to have a hard time pumping out the last of the shampoo and conditioner, turn the bottles upside down and let them drip into the cap area overnight. Once you’ve gotten a few more hair washes out of this method, add a drop or two of water to the remnants sticking to the sides. Give the bottles a vigorous shake. Only now is it time to put them into the recycling bin. Better yet, take them to your local bulk store or health food boutique that offers bulk refills.

Face & Body Cream Melt Trick

Luxury face and body creams are often quite expensive, and some small-batch specialties are just one-offs. Make sure you get your money’s worth and drain every last drop from the bottle. To drain the bottles, turn them upside down so they drip their contents to the top. To scrape the inner barrel, cut plastic bottles in half using a hobby or utility knife. If your face cream is in a small-necked glass jar it will be hard to squeeze out the last dregs. Here’s a trick: run your tightly closed bottle under hot water for a few minutes. The hot water will melt down the cream making it easy to pour out.

With these tips from our cleaning service experts from MOLLY MAID, you will be able to maximize the best out of your toiletries! Contact us today for more info on our cleaning services!



Photo by Esther Merbt