Keeping the Toilet Bowl Clean and Ring-Free's featured image

Cleaning the bathroom, and specifically, the toilet, may be the most dreaded cleaning chore of all time. But regular toilet cleaning is essential to remove harmful bacteria and mineral build-up. And, like most household care, cleaning your toilet regularly will make the process even easier the next time. 

Drain it

One of the biggest problems when cleaning the toilet bowl is your cleaner is often diluted before it hits the porcelain surface. Draining the water before cleaning means you won’t have to use one of those super harsh cleaners to get squeaky clean results. You’ll also find it takes less elbow grease now that your cleaner is at full strength. Simply turn the water valve at the base of the toilet off, flush once and watch the water drain away. Grab your gloves and get cleaning!

Wipe it

We rarely recommend using disposable products, like paper towels, but wiping down the toilet is one task where they are undoubtedly ideal. Using a disinfectant spray, coat the toilet’s exterior. Be patient, leave it intact for about 30 seconds so it can do its job. Then, using a paper towel, wipe the disinfectant off the toilet, working from the top to the bottom. Toss used paper towels straight in the trash to eliminate cross-contamination. 

Scrub it

There’s nothing worse than a dirty toilet bowl, yet it can happen quickly. For black streaks beneath the rim, grab a stiff-bristled brush and scrub them away with your toilet bowl cleaner. But, if rust coloured rings in the bowl are your concern, cleaning experts agree, the best tool to use is a pumice stone. Look for one on a stick, found at many bath and body stores, so your hands don’t have to get right inside the toilet bowl. No need to worry about scratching the porcelain surface, pumice is a relatively soft stone.

Now, your toilet has truly become a porcelain throne! All that’s left to do is turn the water back on, flush once to rinse the bowl and stand back to admire a job well done!