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Summer is the season for nail polish, and now is the time to organize your nail polish products so you know where to find them.

Keep in mind, there is no official expiration date for nail polish. As you go through your collection, shake the bottle a few times to ensure the liquid is smooth. If shaking the nail polish does not allow for the ingredients to remix and the polish remains clumpy, throw it out. As long as you keep your nail polish in a temperature controlled environment and out of direct sunlight, they should last a long time.

There are many things to consider before you decide on the perfect nail polish organizer. Do you want to display your nail polish for all to see, or keep them out of public view? Some people put them on a counter or organize them on a mounted wall rack. How big is your collection? Does the organizer need to be portable?

Here are some organization containers that can help you organize your nail polish.

  • Jar: A clear Mason jar or cookie jar is the perfect container for coloured nail polish and makes for a visually appealing display.
  • Spice rack: Mini shelves are every nail polish collectors dream. They allow you to keep your nail polish in one place and display them in a way that looks good too.
  • Hanging jewelry bag: This is a very practical solution for all your nail polish and products. Store nail polish on one side and removers, files, etc., on the other. This is an easy and portable solution.
  • Jewelry box: Clear glass boxes are great for displaying your go-to colours. Some have handles, which help you transport them with ease.

Get started organizing your nail polish now, and show off those pretty colours this summer!