3 Great Strategies to Conceal Unsightly Pet Gear's featured image

It has been said, that until one loves an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.  Although undoubtedly true, the same cannot be said about pet accessories.  Cat toys, dog toys, leashes and beds are only a few of the many items needed to care for your furry friend.  But where do you keep all their stuff?  Pet gear can be messy, cause clutter and just simply be in the way!  A few quick fixes is all it takes to combine both style and your pet in your home.

Decant Food

Obviously, your fido, feline, frogs and fish have to eat, but pet food bags can be cumbersome.  Dog food bags, in particular, are often too large to store in a cupboard, and more often than not spill all over the floor.  So, you have to put them in a clothes, linen or broom closet where they are also just as inconvenient.  The best way to deal with bulky food bags is to decant them in an attractive container.  Most pet stores have a line of metal bins with fun whimsical graphics or classically marked “Pet Food.”  Not only will these containers keep kibble fresh, they’ll become part of your decor!

Stash Accessories

Our pets are one of the family, and as such are pampered as much (or even more) than our kids or our spouse.  Consequently, they often have their own clothes, collars and toys.  Dogs and cats also typically have a leash, possibly several in different colours and lengths.  To manage these items, create a designated spot to store them, such as the front hall or mudroom.  But don’t stop there; once you have decided where to keep your pet accessories, find ways to tuck these items away and camouflage them.  The goal here is to keep clutter at a minimum while maintaining some sense of style.  Use a trendy canvas bag hung in the corner for their toys, a fancy hook on the wall for a leash and a basket on the top shelf for doggy sweaters and coats.

Rethink the Space

From bowls to beds, designers are coming up with new ways in which to best accommodate our pets in our homes.  Contractors can design a kitchen island with a built-in space for your pet’s food and water dish, taking it off the floor to avoid spills.  Pet beds are no longer just a mat at the back door.  They are soft and cushy, with sides or without, rectangular or round and designed to fit in with most decor.  In fact, it’s this focus that led IKEA to make the comprehensive LURVIG pet product range, which covers all the bases of our shared life with pets indoors and out.  Check out the cat house on legs that can also be hung or inserted into one of their stylish bookcases.  There’s also a scratch mat that wraps around the leg of a table. Make sure not to overlook the miniature dog couch!



Photo by Darinka Kievskaya