17 Ways to Keep Cool then it’s Hot's featured image

When it's blazing hot outside, here are easy ways to keep your cool:

  1. Keep warmer air outside during the day by closing windows, pulling shades and closing blinds.  
  2. Tilt horizontal blinds upwards – to block heat but still allow light in.
  3. Hang light-coloured curtains.
  4. Use compact fluorescent light bulbs in place of heat-emitting incandescent bulbs.
  5. Apply low E reflective film (available at your local hardware store) to windows to reflect heat away. 
  6. Open windows at night to let cooler outside air in.
  7. Plan outdoor activities for early in the morning or late in the day when it's cooler.
  8. Spend the afternoon at a public pool or lake – and stay in the water.  
  9. Run through a sprinkler (even if you don't have kids).
  10. Head to an air-conditioned shopping mall, public library, movie theatre or other public space.
  11. Wear loose fitting, light-coloured clothing.
  12. Wear long hair up and off your neck.
  13. Keep mist toner spray in the fridge – and spritz your face!
  14. Use ceiling fans – in the summer, they should turn counter clockwise so they are pushing air down.
  15. Make the bed with (cool) white satin sheets.
  16. Plan easy summer meals (barbecue or cool crispy salads) rather than use the stove or oven. 
  17. Drink lots of water and other liquids.

To keep cool when it's hot, you might also consider hiring a residential cleaning service, such as MOLLY MAID, to do your cleaning for you. It would be nice to have the air conditioning on for them and to offer some cold water!