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3 Strategies to Help You Stay Organized this Summer


Summer is so close you can almost taste it. We can finally pull out all our summertime accessories like sunglasses, suntan lotion, floppy sun hats and flip-flops.  This year, start the season off strong with these strategies designed to keep you organized and your summer stuff under wraps.


Trunk Organization

Summer is the time for being outdoors, whether you’re camping, having a picnic in the backyard, playing in the park, hitting the beach, going for a bike ride or going for a simple drive in the country. And, while we may be limited at the moment, be prepared when restrictions are finally lifted by cleaning out the trunk of your car and organizing it for outdoor activities.


Designated Drop Zones

Even the most organized individuals have a drop zone – a closet, big basket or cupboard with cubbies. It’s up to you – just don’t let it morph into the floor of your entrance hall. That’s what the designated drop zone is designed to avoid. Corral loose footwear, like the kids’ favourite flip-flops in a shoe basket. Hang hooks for skipping ropes, bike helmets and life jackets. Hang a shoe caddy in the cupboard to house little things like suntan lotion, sunglasses, sun hats and even a rolled-up sun shirt. 


Pool Towel Rack

Hanging out by the pool this summer? Keep towels and swimsuits dry with a simple standing coat rack positioned poolside. It’s much more effective (and more attractive) than throwing these items over the fence to dry or spread out on the ground. Paint it a fun colour to match outdoor decor, we promise you’ll never have to deal with wet, musty towels left in a heap, ever again. 


Now that your summer accessories are organized, what about summer stains? Be prepared with these helpful tips on how to remove the 8 most common summer stains. 


Photo by chrissie kremer on Unsplash