5 Fabulous Ways to Enjoy the Fall Leaves's featured image

The ever-changing colours of leaves have got to be one of fall's most wonderful gifts. Rather than complain about the cooler weather, why not celebrate the season by embracing the beautiful changes.

Here are some suggestions:

Fall Hike: Bring your dog and head out to an area that has a beautiful landscape with changing leaves. Don't forget to take your camera too!

Raking Party: It sounds like a lot of work, but really when you invite all your favourite people, serve delicious hot chocolate (or hot toddies) and homemade apple crisp – maybe even give away a fun prize for most leaves collected – well, now it's a party!

All Aboard: Everyone loves a fall foliage train tour, which is a leisurely and old-fashioned way to experience the beauty of autumn. Some rail tour operators offer brunch, luncheon and dinner train trips too.

Fall Picnic: Pack a picnic and spend an hour in a conservation area or nearby park that has a lot of trees – and changing fall leaves. Bring a game like Frisbee or touch football, but mostly bring your curiosity (and a camera and sweater too).

Leaf Art: It's easy to turn a colourful leaf into artwork. Collect colourful leaves. Find a wide leaf (such as a maple leaf) and trim out a butterfly head from the top point of the leaf. Press the leaf in a book until dry. Spray with varnish to help preserve the colour. Mount in a floating frame or in an art book.