5 Family Fun Activities to Do in the Spring's featured image

Spring is the perfect time of year to do something special as a family. The residential cleaning professionals at MOLLY MAID recommend 5 activities to help your family celebrate the new spring season.

1. Create a Playlist for your Family Road Trips.  As the weather gets warmer and the cottage season begins, road trips become a popular family activity. Make your traveling experience more enjoyable by creating a family playlist for all to enjoy. Have each family member select a list of songs to add to your vacation playlist. Perhaps you could choose songs that coincide with a memorable family moment, or songs that will have your family smiling and singing along. Creating a family playlist will make long car rides more enjoyable for all!

2. Start aFamily DIY Project. Do it yourself (DIY) projects are a great activity to do with your family. Why not create a beautiful pallet planter for the garden this year? All you need is an old pallet, terra-cotta pots and some plumbing hooks to create your own one of a kind planter. Assign each family member to a particular task and work as a team to create your this beautiful addition to your garden.

3. Plan a Family Picnic.  Avoid booking reservations for lunch and plan a picnic with the family if weather permits. Be sure to fill your picnic basket with a picnic blanket, cold beverages and some tasty sandwiches and treats. Planning a picnic will help you and your family get outdoors and enjoy some quality time together. Make sure to bring extra blankets in case the weather gets colder.

4. Plan a Family Movie Night.  Movie nights are always a great way to spend time with your family. Select two movies and have everyone vote on their favourite. Once a movie is selected make a bowl of popcorn and find a comfy spot on the couch to enjoy your movie. You can also plan a trip to the movie theatre or drive-in to change it up.

5. Plan a Family Outing.  With spring in the air, planning a day of adventure is always a great way to get your family outdoors. Plan a day of hiking at your favourite hiking trail or bring your fishing rod and tackle box to a stream or pond and spend the day catching fish. Arrange a day of horseback riding at your local ranch and enjoy the scenery. You can also spend the day flying kites at the park or biking around your neighbourhood.