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5 Handy Kitchen Hacks for 2021


If better organization or a simpler cleaning routine top your New Year’s resolutions this year, this blog’s for you! We’ve searched high and low, talking to cleaning experts from coast to coast, to pull together a list of new life hacks to help keep your house neat and tidy. Who doesn’t love a good hack? These creative shortcuts increase productivity and efficiency, better yet, they cost close to nothing to get going.


#1 – The Slinky Susan Hack

Clean up reusable container lids in a snap. Using a child’s slinky toy, attach ends with a few paperclips to create a slinky doughnut. That’s it. Now, place it on top of a spinning Lazy Susan and slip reusable container lids between slinky wires. Quick and easy to use, you’ll never lose another lid again.


#2 – The Spicy Cereal Hack

Spice rack drawers are commonplace in most customized kitchens. But with this hack, spare the cost! Using an empty cereal box, cut off the ends and one side. So, you now have the front, the side and the back. Turn the brand side in to create a triangle and place it in your drawer, so spices lay nicely. A few more boxes and your custom spice drawer is complete.


#3 – The Hang It, Don’t Lose It Hack

Small bags of nuts, dried fruit, and chocolate chips can get lost in a cupboard and, if open, can spill out making a mess. More than just a space saver, this hack will keep food fresh and easy to find. Slip some binder clips onto a tension rod (clips facing down). Secure the tension rod inside one of your cupboards at the top and hang small bags safely from the rod.


#4 – The Chopstick Hack

Refrigerator shelf space can be limited, which makes stacking stored items essential. But if you use plastic wrap, tinfoil or beeswax sheets to seal leftovers in a bowl, they won’t be sturdy enough to stack. The answer? Chopsticks! Simply place a pair of chopsticks across the top of the covered bowl. Much like scaffolding, they create a strong platform ready to hold more. 


#5 – The Mould-Begone Hack

Looking to cut down on waste in the new year? Let’s start with a household staple. To keep bread from going moldy, slip a stalk of celery into the bag. It’s that easy. The bread absorbs the moisture from the celery, which stops it from drying out and going mouldy. Next, try a slice of bread in your cookie jar to keep cookies soft. Amazing tricks that work!