5 Plants that Love Fall's featured image

As we see less of the sun near the end of summer, we also tend to see fewer colours in the garden – but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are plenty of plants that flourish in cooler conditions and add vibrant new life to a tired flowerbed. Here are five plants guaranteed to give your garden a bright and colourful fall.

Chrysanthemum – When summer plants have faded away, the vibrant blooms of the perennial chrysanthemum are sure to catch your eye. These rugged colourful plants will last until the first winter frost. Their sturdy stems also make them excellent flowers to cut and display in your home.

Cyclamen hederifolium – Otherwise known as ivy-leaved cyclamen or Neapolitan cyclamen, this perennial, with its attractive pink flowers, will add a welcomed dash of colour to your garden. Often emerging after the flowers, this fall plant has the added bonus of heart-shaped, deep green leaves that are patterned with silver.

Sneezeweed – A flower every bit as captivating as its name. This shimmering orange daisy has a prominent brown velvet centre and will help extend the life of your garden well into September. A full garden of sneezewood won’t make you sneeze either!

Snapdragons – These flowers will give you dazzling colours to admire right through the season. Snapdragons are most magnificent when planted in clusters in a cottage garden or an informal border.