5 Ways to Make your Studio Apartment Seem Much Bigger 's featured image

5 Ways to Make your Studio Apartment Seem Much Bigger 


Smaller than a typical one-bedroom apartment, a studio has all the basic features contained in the same room – living room, dining room, bedroom and kitchen all sharing one space. Living in a studio apartment has its perks.You don’t need as much furniture, you’re less likely to collect clutter, it’s easy to clean and utilities cost less. The drawbacks? Keeping it stylish and an effective living space does take a bit more effort. Here are a few tips to make your studio spectacular:


Buy a Bed with Storage

A bed that comes with storage space is a good thing in any home, but even more so in a studio where storage is scarce. Ottoman style beds are the best, lifting up easily  to provide a large bed-size space to fill. And, the daybed that has drawers and can quickly transform into a couch is priceless.


Look for an Elegant Low-rise Dresser

The key to decorating a studio apartment is to buy furniture that fits well in a living room, dining room as well as a bedroom. Instead of buying a typical tall six-drawer dresser for your clothes, look for one that is a bit more sideboard like. Low and wide, allowing you to put a tv on top or some books, wine glasses or a vase with fresh flowers.


Rely on Hidden Storage Solutions

Storage is a challenge in a small space. Consider this for every piece of furniture you buy. There are so many pieces out there designed with hidden storage solutions. Coffee tables with hidden compartments, ottomans that hold stuff and sleek shoe cabinets that can be easily installed to hide shoes by the front door.


Think Outside the Box

When decorating your studio apartment, finding creative solutions to fit your space is essential. Install a fold-down table near the kitchen. Opt for a few footstools over a small coffee table to create additional seating. Stack old suitcases as a side table (but stuff them with off-season clothing first) and what about hanging extra keys, earrings and necklaces on hooks behind artwork?


Go Vertical

Vertical space often goes to waste in most homes yet it can be quite stylish if done well. Tall bookshelves with good-looking storage containers and beautiful lighting while visually appealing is also very practical. A ladder can hold blankets, sweaters and towels. Floating shelves can also be magical in a small space. Not to mention, hanging fruit baskets for hats, socks and accessories.