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6 Storage Solutions for Reusable Food Containers

Takeout containers are the perfect solution for storing leftovers in the kitchen, but if you’re like many Canadians, too much takeout (due to the pandemic) may have you swimming in plastic. Without a proper storage plan, reusable food containers can quickly become more of a problem than a solution. This weekend, rethink your storage solution and restore calm to your cupboards!

Pare Down & Purge

The first step to good organization is to stand back and assess the situation. Pull out all your reusable containers and pair them with their lid. Those with no lids should be repurposed or thrown away. Keep a few sensible sizes to fulfill your needs and donate the rest.

Use a Magazine Holder

Storage solutions don’t have to be high-tech. If you’ve gone completely digital and have a free magazine holder hanging around, it’s a great way to manage water bottles. Flipped on its side, water bottles are easily stacked on top of each other – neatly and easily accessible.

Mount a File Folder

Invaluable in the office, the mounted file folder is a great way to keep container lids organized. Simply attach it to the inside of the cabinet door where you store your nicely stacked reusable food containers. Now fill the folder with all the matching lids – within reach and much less messy.

Repurpose a Dish Rack

If you’ve got the space, a dish rack can collect all your reusable containers in one place, keeping them clearly visible and easy to grab. All the lids are filed right next to the containers. Consider arranging by size – biggest to the back and smallest to the front.

Install Tension Rods

Tension rods are so handy in the kitchen. Use tension rods to create compartments in a cupboard or drawer for no hassle organization of reusable containers and lids. Place the tension rods at varying widths to create different compartments to fit large, medium and small containers and their lids.

Reuse a Desktop Mail Sorter

Unlike the mounted file folder, no tools are required to install a desktop mail sorter and it’s just as effective. Just place it in the cupboard where you keep your food storage containers and use it to file lids by size. Large lids at the back, medium in the middle and small to the front.

Image by plant fox via Pixabay