6 Surprising Ways to Recharge's featured image

1. Take up a hobby: Try something new, such as a knitting circle (where they teach you), learning a new language or taking up a hobby you've always wanted to try.  

2. Explore your city: Head to a neighbourhood you're not that familiar with and make a few discoveries; a cozy coffee shop, a second hand store and the local history.

3. Have fun in the kitchen: Go online and do a search for a yummy-looking recipe, or recipes using a certain ingredient. Share it – and the results – with your family.

4. Do something creative: Take a writing, crafting or painting course and discover your creative self.   

5. Clean: If a cleaning issue has been bugging you for a while (such as carpet stains, musty curtains, etc.), focus on this chore and get it done. The house cleaners at MOLLY MAID say you will be amazed at how satisfied you feel when it's done.

6. Take an invigorating bubble bath: Surround the tub with candles, use a revitalizing bath salt or essential oil product, play your favourite music and relax!