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Fall Brings Back Routine


The carefree days of summer are fading, the kids are back to school and there’s a slight chill in the air. But don’t let the change of season get you down. Fall is magical. Think autumn leaves, chunky sweaters, hikes in the woods, stylish boots, and pumpkin spiced lattes. Embrace the change and get organized ahead of schedule!


Colder weather means more hats (cardigans and scarves too). Try hooks. Not only decorative, but they’re also easily accessible, especially if hung in an entryway. Stylish baskets are another way to go to keep fall accessories tidy.

Your Morning Routine

Back to school means a busy morning for everyone. Much like fall accessories, accessibility is key. From toothbrushes to lunch items to clean clothes and masks, having a place for everything and everything in its place will help the day start well.

The Family Room

The colder weather brings us indoors to play or entertain. Where does your family congregate? How can it be better organized? Avid gamers need a place to stash their controllers, books need bookcases and comfy couch throws need a bench or box.

Your Spice Rack

Good food requires a good selection of herbs and spices. Organizing them will improve your culinary skills. Place them in uniform jars and make sure they’re clearly labelled for easier access when cooking.

Accolades & Success

Back to school can lead to clutter unless you plan ahead. Find a place to hang artwork, a file for school mementos and somewhere for school reminders and correspondence. Magnets for the fridge, a corkboard, filing cabinet or tray may be the answer.

Your Closet

As Canadians, decluttering your closet is a seasonal task. Pull out your summer clothes and make two piles – one for pieces you love and the other for those you don’t. Wash and pack up the keepers for storage and take the other to a local thrift shop right away.

Day-to-Day Activities

Your time is valuable. Take stock and focus on what’s important. Make daily, weekly and monthly lists to manage as best you can. But, ultimately roll with the punches. Life is full of surprises, organization is just a tool to soften the landing.