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Seven Ways to Celebrate the Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are scheduled to begin on February 24th in Beijing. These international games are a great opportunity to teach your children about different countries, sports and sportsmanship. Here are seven fun ways to keep track of the games and celebrate this amazing event.

  1. Hold your own mini-Olympics. Choose three sports you can all do and set up an area in or outside of the house where you can do them. Appoint a few judges (maybe grandparents) and let the games begin. Some ‘sports’ ideas: build a snowman (if there’s snow); run around the block; demonstrate handstands; skip rope.
  2. Watch the opening ceremonies as a family. For dinner or a snack, make a cheese pizza and use five different toppings (for example, chopped tomatoes, sliced pepperoni, chopped green pepper, sliced mushroom and chopped onion) to create the five Olympic rings. Overlap each topping in a circle to create a ring.
  3. At craft time, gather paints or crayons and paper and have everyone create a picture of a favourite athlete competing.
  4. Do a thrift store run and pick up clothing that could be used as outfits that athletes wear – then, encourage kids to dress up in their favourite sports gear when you watch competitions on TV.
  5. Make your own Olympic torches by filling ice cream cones with popcorn! Present the torches – and enjoy.
  6. Have a baking day. Make chocolate cupcakes with white icing – and use five Smarties to create the five Olympic rings on the top of each one.
  7. Plan to cheer on your favourite contenders at a public restaurant one evening.  It’s so exciting when everyone is up, and clapping their hands together.

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Photo by Vytautas Dranginis on Unsplash