8 Ways to Say Happy Mother’s Day's featured image

The professional house cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID would be happy to clean your mother's home this year – it's a wonderful Mother's Day gift idea!

Here are other great ideas that will also make your mom happy.

1. Make a card

A store-bought card can be nice but nothing is more personal and sweet than something hand-made. Moms notice things like that.

2. Visit

It's always more special when you can say Happy Mother's Day in person. If it makes sense, make it a surprise.

3. Shop

Offer to spend a day shopping with your mom – maybe for those shoes she's been meaning to get.

4. Breakfast in bed

Start your mother's day by serving her favourite breakfast whether it's fresh fruit, yogurt and granola, a bagel and cream cheese, or bacon and eggs. Include a flower and a cup of tea or coffee. Be sure to clean up any mess in the kitchen too.

5. Dinner

If breakfast in bed didn't happen, pick up the makings for your mom's favourite meal and spend the afternoon at your mom's putting it together. Invite the whole family – and enjoy together.

6. Flowers

What's growing in your garden? Why not use it to make your mother a hand-picked floral bouquet?

7. A Week of Meals

Prepare a week's worth of dinners, freeze them, and gift them to your mom – delivered in person, of course!

8. Time Together

Suggest an outing to visit a place that has special meaning to your mom such as her old school, where she grew up, or a place the family used to go to when you were a child.