Amazing Hamster Cage Hacks That Enhance Home Decor's featured image

Amazing Hamster Cage Hacks That Enhance Home Decor


If you’re one of the many parents who’s given into a pet request during the pandemic, well done! It’s hard being a kid without a daily dose of friendship (and online doesn’t always cut it). While each new pet comes with its own needs, they all make an impact on home decor and tidiness!  Luckily, necessity is the mother of all invention and people around the world have provided us with ingenious Ikea hacks – especially when it comes to teeny tiny pets like hamsters, mice and gerbils! These designs take stylish furniture and transform them into mini modern condos, allowing much more space than a store-bought hamster cage.

The Detolf

Making a hamster cage from a piece of furniture is a great way to show off your pet and the Detolf does it spectacularly. This tall, skinny glass cabinet, once on its side, will provide your hamster with lots of space (43×163 cm). While more fragile than other cages, the glass walls provide clear viewing of all your hamster’s activities. Google “Detolf Hamster Cage Hack” to find great how-to videos on Youtube. 

The Kallax

A little more sturdy and compact, the square Kallax unit (77×77 cm) requires some hands-on modifications before it’s habitable. Doors need to be cut and a ramp installed to allow access to every room, as well as securing a back wall and a cage door. But instead of a long narrow bungalow, this cage offers your pet a 4 room, two-story apartment and takes up less space. A quick online search will give you all the step-by-step instructions you’ll need.


Don’t stop there! That’s just the top 2 habitat hacks. Creative pet owners have also used other Ikea designs, like the Billy bookcase, Expedit and the very fancy Fabrikor. Find one that fits your home decor and have fun with it. 


Clean the cage regularly to keep it smelling fresh. New bedding and a wipe down with equal parts vinegar/water solution are recommended once a week. Never use harsh chemicals to clean out your hamster cage as they may harm your pet.

Photo by Ricky Kharawala on Unsplash