Antique Antics for your Bathroom's featured image

Day in and day out, you wipe, scrub, and mop the bathroom – and yet it never quite sparkles. Maybe it’s time to give it a cheap and cheerful antique-lux makeover. With just a few simple tweaks, you can glam up your bathroom without breaking the bank.

Rethink Your Soap Dish

A fine bone China tea cup or saucer is a great alternative to a drab soap dish. If you prefer small ornate little soaps, you can place a few in a teacup. Alternately, a regular bar of soap can rest on a saucer. Don’t worry if you don’t own any fancy dining wear. Fine bone China and crystal wear is available at second-hand shops, estate sales, garage sales, or ask your friends and family for hand-me-downs.

Rethink Your Hand Towels

Mismatched hand towels are, how should we put it? Depressing. We hate to pick on them, but it’s time to get rid of decorative towels that don’t match. Save the beach towels for the beach, and your kid’s favourite cartoon towel for bath time. No need to overspend, even just two matching white towels will do the trick. Linen towels are a beautiful option too!

Rethink Your Towel Rack

Instead of a traditional attached-to-the-wall towel rack, consider other unique items like an antique music stand, an old wooden ladder spray painted in silver or gold, or a brass holder stand. With more space on the wall you can add larger artwork or show off your faux velvet wallpaper.

Rethink Your Mirrors

Nothing sets the mood and look of your bathroom better than a mirror. Depending on your budget, and the size of your bathroom, an antique bathroom mirror can cost you money or time. Assuming that your budget is tight, make a plan to find an ornate frame that you can spray paint, and then find a local glass shop to custom cut the mirror to fit the frame. If you’re willing to invest some time and creative effort you can create a showstopper.



Photo by Denny Muller