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Now that the better weather is here and you've got more outdoor leisure activities on your to-do list, it's time to 'spring' your bike out of storage.

Ideally, you stored your bike away from moisture and off the ground. Do a visual inspection, then clean your bike with a sponge and mild soap in warm water.

While experts recommend a professional tune-up at a local bike shop, here's a checklist to assess your bike's condition. 

  • Tires – Make sure they're pumped up enough and not flat; make sure treads are okay.
  • Wheels – Make sure they don't have anything stuck in them such as leaves or sticks.
  • Brakes – Check that they work by squeezing on the hand brakes and trying to move your bike forward (it shouldn't move).
  • Chain – Inspect the chain for rust, then make sure it's around the crank and moves properly with the pedals.
  • Seat – The position of the seat is most important; you should be able to place both feet firmly on the ground when you are not pedaling.
  • Lights – Are reflectors and back and front lights working and in the proper positions? Replace batteries or charge them, if need be.
  • Bell or horn – Your bike needs to be equipped with a noise maker of some sort.
  • Panniers – If you do a lot of commuting, be sure your bike is equipped with panniers that you can pack full of school or work books, etc., as well as light groceries.
  • Helmet – This is the most important piece of equipment that you wear. Be sure to have one!