Back-To-School: How to Make it Easy for Kids and Yourself's featured image

With the start of the new school year just around the corner, it's a good idea to start getting kids – and the whole family – back into the school-day routine. Here's how:

  • Set a bedtime routine. Establish a reasonable bedtime and have your children practice getting up and getting dressed at the same time every morning. Be sure they have healthy breakfast, lunch and snacks around the times they'll eat during the school day.  
  • Plan morning activities outside the house so that hustling your child out the door when the school rush comes is easier. The goal is to break casual summer habits.
  • Shop for school supplies  such as backpack (appropriately sized for your child), lunchbox, laptop, paper and pencils.
  • Have the safety talk so everyone knows what time kids will come home from school; there's a promise to phone or text about anything; etc.
  • Talk about taking charge.  Your child will have to mange school materials, get assignments done and bring home homework. Remind them about this to build confidence and independence.
  • Establish a time and place for studying at home  whether that's in their rooms or at the kitchen table. It helps to know where that's going to happen.
  • Clean and re-organize their rooms. The expert cleaners at MOLLY MAID say this will help the child feel organized and they'll know where everything is! Going through the closet is important too – is it time to donate some clothes and update with others?