BEST FATHER’S DAY EVER: It’s All About Family's featured image

Father’s Day this coming Sunday is a wonderful reason to spend time together as a family and to celebrate Dad! Here is a guide to having the best Father’s Day ever. It’s all about focusing on different elements that make a successful day and sharing chores and fun times with everyone!

You’re Invited: Invite Mom, Dad and the kids of course, but consider inviting grandparents and anyone who might enjoy an pleasant afternoon!

Getting the House Ready: Schedule a clean by MOLLY MAID before Father’s Day if possible. Today or tomorrow, have everyone (except Dad) lend a hand in terms of preparations for the event. Sweep the patio and clean the tables outside, hang up patio lanterns or other fun decor, and pull out the outdoor dishes. Be sure to clean and prepare the barbecue as well!

The Meal: Dad usually likes to keep it simple; steak or hamburgers, Caesar salad and baked potatoes.  Mom may take over barbecuing duties for the occasion. Invite your children to help rip up salad leaves and wrap potatoes in aluminum foil.

An Activity: Plan Father’s Day around a fun activity that everyone can do together. Consider a baseball or Frisbee game in the park. Set up the badminton net. Create a croquet game in the backyard. Or, simply go for a walk or bike ride together through the neighbourhood.

Presents: Wrap up something for Dad whether it’s a homemade gift (his favourite cookies or muffins), socks, a book, or a gift of charity (making a donation in his name).

Dessert: Either bake Dad his favourite cake or have a plan to jump into the car or walk up to the nearest ice cream store. A chocolate dipped soft ice cream cone perhaps?