BOOKED: What your Organization Style Says About you's featured image

Take a look at your bookcase. How you organize books says a lot about your personality. Here’s a quick (and light-hearted) review.

Alphabetical: Placing books in the bookcase by alphabet is a traditional method of organizing books, and it’s also the most obvious. Alphabetize by the author’s last name or the title.
About you: You are likely a traditionalist who likes to do things in old-fashioned and reliable ways. Your book collection is likely full of classics too.

Vertical stacks: In this method, books are stacked in vertical piles. The spines are easy to read, and there’s a definite aesthetic attitude to stacking books this way. Stacking vertically is actually physically better for the books – if you have old or rare books consider organizing them this way. It works best for smaller book collections.
About you: This method of organizing books is quite a departure, and considered to be trendy – like you. You’re lots of fun, and into the latest fashion and trends.

Genre: Filing books by their topic is a practical way of organizing them. In practice, books are divided into sections identified by genre: fiction, mystery, art, food and recipes and sci-fi.
About you: You are practical and like to save time rather than waste it hunting for things.

Colour: Using colour to organize books is pleasing to the eye. This is more of a fashion and style statement rather than a sequential organizing technique.
About you: Using colour is a bold statement and suggests a need to stand out and be different. You’re also likely the life of the party.

No formulized method: Books are in no formal arrangement other than perhaps the height of books.
About you: You’re likely quite relaxed and do not take yourself too seriously.