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Even if you lived it, it’s hard to imagine that not so long ago, parents would yell out the front door, or from the balcony, for kids to come clean up their rooms. And with no friend finder apps around, there was the tasking chore of having to dial 10 whole digits over and over until you found where your kids were. Overall, it was a lot more work to keep a home clean and tidy, especially the kids’ rooms. These days, thanks to technology, delegation of housekeeping is easy-peasy.

Family Calendar App

How many times have you tried to figure out a family cleaning schedule? Perhaps you wrote everyone’s name on the kitchen chalkboard, with a task and date next to it. But for one reason or another, that system didn’t work. Maybe you photocopied a calendar and gave everyone a copy with daily tasks and weekly tasks but, sooner or later, the kids lost their copy. When every member of the family is old enough to have a mobile device, they’re definitely old enough to partake in chores. There are hundreds of family calendar apps and group scheduling tools that will help you figure out a foolproof cleaning system once and for all.

New Event!

Maybe you’ve tried all the apps, and none of them are just right for your family. Consider using the scheduling function in your calendar and assigning a ‘new event’ for every chore. The great thing about this simple system is the reminders. Instead of parents being the nags who are asking that chores get done, the app gets the bad rap!

Charity Apps

There are some chores that require a third party, as is the case with clothes, shoes, toys and bedroom furnishings that our kids outgrow. In this case, you can either call and text friends and family to find out if anyone needs hand-me-downs, or you can simply schedule a charity pick-up. Search the App Store with keywords like ‘donate clothes.’ Or, get the trash nothing! app to give away anything that you don’t want to put in the landfill, such as stuffed toys (that charities won’t take), kids’ headphones that only work on one side, kids’ toiletries that weren’t a huge hit, and more!

With all the modern advances made in the last few years, cleaning has never been the same! There are so many different tools and ways to bring cleaning into the 21st century! With help from MOLLY MAID, you too can have a clean home… in the future!  Contact your local MOLLY MAID today!



Photo by Ana Bernardo