Create a Home Office with Limited Square Footage's featured image

According to Statistics Canada, 1.7 million Canadians work from home at least one day a week. Expectations are this number will continue to rise as people seek to better their work-life balance. Given the choice, who wouldn’t want to avoid that hectic commute, work in their pjs, have a more flexible schedule and reduce stress? Of course, a designated workspace is an asset but not a requirement. These days, a home office can be somewhat fluid and requires less space than you’d think.

Less is More

Identify an underused part of your home to designate as your office hub. If your workspace only consists of a laptop, a small desk is all you need. Go explore your options. Desks come in all shapes and sizes. Narrow, wide, made for a corner, as part of a bookcase or mounted on the wall. If you have a spare closet, consider converting it into an office space, which can instantly be out-of-site when you ‘leave the office.’ Simply install a wall mounted desk inside the closet, as well as some hanging shelves and voila!

Multipurpose Storage is Crucial

In a small space, storage must serve more than one purpose. Look for furniture that packs a one-two punch, like coffee tables with drawers that can double as a filing cabinet or an ottoman where you can store office supplies. Roll carts can house all manner of office essentials and are easily stored away in closets at the end of the day. Ikea, a playground for those with limited square footage, has many great options, including a hanging wall shelf that is not only stylish but has drawers! The key to multipurpose storage is to think outside the box.

It’s OK to be a Nomad

Seek space elsewhere when feeling isolated. Coffee shops are becoming a popular workspace for those looking to escape the home office. Rarely, will you enter a Starbucks with less than two or three patrons working intently on their laptop. The atmosphere is vibrant and can often boost creativity. But as with any space, it isn’t free. Luckily, rent at a coffee shop is just lunch or a cup of joe and a tasty scone!



Photo by Nathan Riley