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A cluttered workspace, results in a cluttered mind! The professional cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID suggest following these organizational tips, to help increase your productivity and the overall cleanliness of your home office.

  • Declutter: Get started by going through your filing cabinet, desk, supply closet etc. and determine which items you need to keep, and which items can be thrown away. For any documents you wish to keep, make sure to file them away in their designated folders. Any documents you no longer need, dispose of them in the recycling bin. Make sure to shred any confidential documents, prior to disposal. Next, take a look at your office furniture. Is it being used, or just taking up space? If it’s just taking up space, donate the items to family, friend or your local thrift store.
  • Organize: Each item in your office should have its own designated space. For example, the surface of your desk should be reserved for your telephone, computer and accessories, calendar and file tray. Other supplies such as pens and pencils should be separated into specific compartments of a drawer organizer. All documents should be filed in their respective folders. The more organized you are, the more productive you will be.
  • Go paperless: Try to refrain from printing documents unless absolutely necessary. Always ensure you have the proper security measures in place to protect any sensitive information on your computer. Make sure to back up your computer using an external hard drive as well.
  • Maintain cleanliness: Make sure to dust, wipe and vacuum your office regularly. This is especially important if your office is used by multiple people.