Cutlery Drawer Make-over's featured image

Before you begin organizing your cutlery drawer, make sure you clean it out first. Start by removing your cutlery and sorting it into piles. This will help you determine how many sections you will need in your drawer organizer. Make sure to wipe out the inside of the drawer with a damp microfibre cloth. Once everything has been emptied, it’s time to determine the best way to organize your cutlery. Here are two simple options to get your started:

BUY: Before you set out to purchase a ready-made cutlery organizer, its important to measure the dimensions of the drawer first to ensure the organizer will fit. Once you’ve determined the size, its time to select the material. Cutlery organizers come in many different materials such as stainless-steel, plastic, chrome and bamboo. Regardless of the material you choose, make sure there are enough sections in the organizer for all of your cutlery.

MAKE: If you are feeling crafty, make a customized organizer to fit your needs. First, determine how many sections are needed for your organizer. It may help to sort all of your silverware into piles on the bottom of your drawer to see how long or wide the dividers should be. Next, purchase some craft board from the lumber section of the hardware store to make the dividers. Have the hardware store cut the wood to size on your behalf. Arrange the wood accordingly in the drawer to make sure everything fits correctly. Using a heavy-duty adhesive, glue the dividers into place. Refrain from gluing the organizer to the drawer itself in case you want to remove it later. Once the glue has dried, place your cutlery back into the drawer.