Don’t Forget: It’s the Long Weekend's featured image

There's nothing like a long weekend to put escape plans into action! Here is a checklist of things to think about for your trip whether you're visiting friends or family out of town, camping or staying in a hotel.

  1. Be prepared. Research your destination so you have a few ideas about what to do when you're there – even if most of your activity involves sitting on the dock with a coffee or cold beverage.
  2. The important stuff.  Remember your passport and other ID, credit cards and any medications you might need. Most everything else can be purchased later, if left behind.
  3. Plastic bags. Bring a handful of plastic bags of different sizes. They're the perfect storage for essential toiletries – like contact solution, lotion and your toothbrush and toothpaste. Larger bags double as makeshift laundry hampers!
  4. Wardrobe. Bring two changes of clothing, a few extra shirts, a long sleeved jacket and a pair of comfortable shoes. Unless you plan a fancy dinner out, that's really all you need.
  5. Keep it light. If you have to think twice about bringing something – don't. Leave heavy books, big bottles of shampoo and extra hiking boots behind. Make your trip as stress free as possible by bringing just the basics.
  6. Bad sleeper? Bring your own pillow along, if that will help.
  7. Hostess gift. If you are staying with friends or family, be sure to bring something special for your hostess. Flowers – purchased on the way – are always a lovely gift and brighten up any home.