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For one reason or another, throwing a load of laundry into the dryer isn’t always an option. Whether your dryer is on the fritz, or the laundromat is closed, or you’re looking for a more environmentally friendly drying option, there are endless solutions that can help you dry your clothes without the use of a dryer. Here are our top four recommended solutions.

Accordion Drying Rack

If you’ve just hand washed a delicate sweater, wool pants or workout clothes, you’ll appreciate the sturdiness of an accordion drying rack. These racks easily break down to fit inside any room in your home, and come in a variety of sizes, making them easy to store. If you have an accordion rack set up inside your home, place a towel underneath it, to absorb any access water that may drip from your clothing.

Retractable Clothesline

A retractable clothesline can be installed across the top of your bathtub or stand-up shower. Nowadays, retractable clotheslines are available in many materials, however, it’s best to stick with stainless steel or brass, as they repel mold and last longer.

Clip and Drip Laundry Hanger

Hang delicate clothing, such as baby clothes, pantyhose and undergarments on a clip and drip laundry hanger. This drying apparatus resembles a hanger with clothing clips attached to it, and can be hung on a shower rod, garment rack or outdoor laundry line. If you are hanging the clip and drip hanger on a shower rod or garment rack, make sure to place a towel underneath, to catch any access water.

Heated Drying Rack

These electric drying racks allow you to dry any item quickly and efficiently. Heated drying racks come in various sizes and models for multipurpose drying and easy storage. Heated drying racks even come with folding shelves to make it easier to dry larger items, such as bed sheets and comforters.