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By simply rearranging artwork, furniture and some of your prized possessions, you can completely transform a room – or your entire home!

Start with Art

Go room by room and decide which pieces of hanging art could use a move to a new location. If you’ve got a ton of framed family pictures scattered across bookshelves and desks, consider creating a photo wall. Swapping framed photos for newly made memories is another way to easily freshen up your walls.

If Music be the Spice of Life 

Shakespeare was right; music is the spice of life! There’s no easier way to spice up your home than displaying or hanging up your collections of musical instruments. If you own records, you can display some of your favourite ones on a bookcase or face forward on a decorative shelf. Playing music as you re-organize also brings an element of fun to the task – so dance around your home and be playful!

Repurpose E-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g you’ve got! 

Are there fold up counter stools hiding in your closet? Are there nesting tables nesting under a pile of clothes you’re taking to a clothing swap? Is your beautiful faux Navajo rug still rolled up waiting for the right room to live in? Be open to moving all your favourite (or rarely used) things around, so they can be enjoyed and admired daily.

PRO TIP: Live and breathe the mantra “One Person’s Trash is Another Person’s Treasure”. With minimalism being all the rage right now, you’ll see lots of barely used items put out on garbage day. Keep an eye out for things you can easily repurpose, like mirrors, floor lamps and plant pots. With a little elbow grease and TLC you can beautifully transform your home in a cost effective way!


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