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Yard work can be tough, especially in the fall when the excitement and anticipation have passed. A bit like cleaning up after a party. That is unless you have a few tricks up your sleeve -and we found some!

Fall Yard Cleanup Tricks of the Trade

While the leaves may still be on the trees, they won’t be there for long. Winter is coming! to quote Game of Thrones. Ok. It’s still a few months off but there’s no time to waste when it comes to cleaning up outside. And, while garden clean-up post-summer is much less exciting than pre-summer, it has to be done. We can’t handhold you out there, but we’ve got some very handy tips to share from the handyman himself, Bob Vila sure to make the task much less arduous.

Wear A Tool Belt
Tool belts are underutilized. Wear one during fall yard cleanup to keep all your handheld gardening tools close by. Pruning shears, cultivators, and weeding knives will slip nicely into pockets for easy access. While larger tools, like hedge clippers, can hang in the hammer holder.

Carry a TubTrug
Bob Vila uses a five-gallon bucket, but north of the border, we prefer the tub trug. It’s far superior. They’re made of incredibly strong, flexible plastic, which makes them nearly impossible to break and means that when you grip the handles, the tub forms a pouring spout. On top of that, they look good and come in an array of colours.

Make Sure Your Tools Are Sharp
Dull blades are harder to use and rely more on brute strength. Make sure pruning tools are sharp. Easier to use, sharp pruning tools also make cleaner cuts in your shrubs and trees, which heal faster. After use, carefully wipe blades clean to keep them rust-free and store them in a clean dry space.

Mulch Grass Instead of Bagging
While fussy lawn keepers will cringe at this idea, we suggest you skip the bag the next time you mow the lawn. Grass clippings are 80 percent water and will break down quickly. Better yet, as they decompose they’ll invigorate your lawn with vital nutrients. Plus, you’ll save time emptying the bag – a win-win!

Use Leaf Blower to Clean Gutters
Did you know most leaf blowers can be fitted with a special attachment to clean gutters? They can. Making this dreaded task quicker, easier, and safer (no need for a ladder) than doing it by hand. And, don’t forget to drop a tarp before you start, to catch falling debris.

Rent a Log Splitter
As its name suggests, a log splitter is a piece of machinery that’s used to split large pieces of wood into smaller pieces of firewood. Log splitters can be used by homeowners as well as in commercial settings. So, if you have a fallen tree to clean up or large fallen limbs, you may find a log splitter helpful. For less than $100, you can rent a log splitter for the afternoon and speed through the job.

Photo by Emmanuel Phaeton Digital on Unsplash