Family Fun Activities to Try this Fall's featured image

With changing temperatures comes a whole new set of family activities. Not sure what to do? We’ve prepared a list of 9 things that you and your bubble can do to enjoy the cooler months ahead.

1. Rake leaves into a pile and jump in them.

2. Visit a local farmer’s market in your area to purchase seasonal produce.

3. Choose a day to go apple picking with your family. Use the apples to make a delicious apple pie –add ice cream too!

4. Create and design your own homemade Halloween costume.

5. Shop for a new fall jacket or sweater. Clean out cupboards and donate gently-used clothing to your local shelter.

6. Visit your local conservation area and go for a hike or nature walk. Make sure to dress for the weather.

7. Visit your local pumpkin patch to select your Halloween pumpkin. Bring your pumpkins home and spend the afternoon carving and decorating them. Save your pumpkin seeds to roast for an evening treat!

8. Make a big pot of chili for the family to enjoy on a cold fall day. Freeze the leftovers to enjoy later.

9. Visit your local farm and spend the day exploring. Try the corn maze!