Five Tips to Keep House Plants Healthier's featured image

It isn’t until the winter months that we realize how much brighter our houseplants make our home. Apart from cleaning the air in our home, their fresh green vibrancy makes us feel good. In fact, several experimental studies prove that the presence of potted plants, whether at home or in the office, have been found to lower blood pressure, increase productivity and improve our general well-being. Keep your indoor plants healthy this winter with these easy tricks.

  1. When potting plants, tuck a damp sponge into the bottom of the pot before filling it with soil. Not only will it act as a water reservoir for your plants, it will also soak up any excess water if you overwater it.
  2. Share your fresh brewed tea with acid loving plants like ferns and gardenias next time you water them. They’ll love the natural acidity and nutrients. Take it one step further by working wet tea leaves into the soil to give the plants a rich, nourishing look.
  3. Breakfast is not only the most important meal of the day, it also offers plants another nutrient filled treat! After boiling eggs, let the cooking water cool. Once it’s at room temperature, water your plants with it. This calcium rich liquid is great for hydrating houseplants.
  4. Use ice cubes to water household plants. Place them around the soil, keeping them away from the stem. The ice will slowly melt, releasing water gradually and evenly into the soil. This method is perfect for watering more delicate varieties like orchids.
  5. Are the leaves of your plants looking dull? Wipe down each leaf with a soft microfibre cloth dipped in a half-and-half mixture of warm water and milk. You’ll get a nice shine and it won’t leave behind any unwanted residue.