Forget the Gym, Exercise by doing Housework!'s featured image

Don’t have time to visit the gym? No problem! Here are some great ways to get a good workout at home and clean up your yard in the process.

  • Mow the lawn with a manual lawn mower. Mowing the lawn for 20 minutes can burn more calories than a power walk. You can expect to burn about 325 calories per hour.
  • Pulling weeds and pruning shrubs. Gardening in general burns approximately 200 to 400 calories an hour. Digging in the garden will help tone your calves, thighs, arms, and shoulders. If you dig vigorously enough, and continue the activity for 20 minutes or more, you can even raise your heart rate and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Weeding can also tone your thighs and bottom. Make sure to always protect your back by keeping your spine straight while bending down.
  • Painting. Staining the deck or repainting the fence can burn approximately 290 calories per hour. Painting is an excellent way to tone your legs and arm muscles.
  • Washing the car. The scrubbing motion of washing your car can give your arms and abdominal muscles a great workout. For every 30 minutes of car washing, you’ll burn 143 calories.
  • Cleaning windows. Washing windows for 30 minutes can burn about 125 calories. While you’re at it, vacuum or dust the screens for an added bonus.
  • Cleaning the veranda. Sweeping and mopping can also be a great upper and lower body workout. By doing this household task, you can burn approximately 240 calories per hour.