Friday the 13th: 5 Ways to make it your Lucky Day's featured image

Friday the 13th, which is also called Black Friday, is considered to be unlucky to those who are superstitious. Rather than chance fate, here are some habits to make it you lucky day (all in good fun):

  1. Take the day off from cleaning.There are superstitions around handling a broom, changing sheets, slipping mattresses and doing the laundry today. Let the cleaning experts at MOLLY MAID take over while you enjoy the day doing anything but cleaning.
  2. Mind power. Some people think that if you believe in bad luck you will bring it on. Rather than dwell on bad luck, make it a day where you keep your thoughts positive.
  3. Take a chance.Why not test your luck and do something that involves chance, such as buying a lottery ticket, playing the slots at a casino or placing a bet at the track. Know your gambling limit and stay within it!
  4. Think about how lucky you are.This is a great day to start a daily or weekly list where you think of all the people and things that you are grateful for in your life. On New Year's Eve, take a look back at all your lists and be even more grateful going into 2016!

Celebrate Friday the 13th. Gather friends and family together at a pub, have a dinner party or go out to see a show. Having fun with people you care about is a guarantee it's going to be a great day.