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In a country with four distinct seasons, our closets are simply not big enough! Footwear alone requires a range of items. Winter boots, rain boots, shoes and sandals take up a lot of space. And, let’s not forget outerwear: from big bulky parkas to waterproof jackets to cute little wraps in the summer. If you’re not on it, your wardrobe can quickly get out of hand. Take control of your closet and transition winter wear into spring with these three steps from our MOLLY MAID cleaning service experts:

The Painful Purge

Possibly the hardest step to the perfect closet is the necessary purge of items that don’t fit, aren’t worn or are worn through. Weight fluctuation affects us all and is common from season to season. So, try on every item in your closet. If you don’t like how it looks or it’s cutting off circulation, it’s time to purge. This extends to items you don’t wear. If you haven’t worn an item in 6 months, it’s time to purge. These items can all be donated to second-hand shops or passed along to friends. The next criterion are those much-loved items that are now threadbare. Holes, stains and broken zippers are showstoppers! Unless the zipper can be replaced, it’s time to recycle, along with the holey and the stained. Consider H&M’s textile recycling program: . You can also check out our blog here on 12 things to donate now to help with your purge!

Style Hacks

Even the least fashionable Canadian has figured out the benefits of layering. Layering allows you to carry some clothing items across seasonal lines. Blazers are a perfect example. A blazer worn in the winter with a sweater or turtleneck can be worn in the spring with a t-shirt, and on a cool summer night over a tank top. It seems like you’re breaking all the rules but these style hacks are key to our climate and a well-stocked closet! Scarves and wraps fit this category too. A hanging shoe caddy can be used to keep them tidy or simply tie several on a hanger. Consider the ways to use each item in your closet. It may take a bit of time but will be worth it in the long run. If it is a viable asset to your wardrobe this spring, it can stay! For more tips on intuitive and smart clean up, read our blog on useful tips by Marie Kondo on bringing a little minimalism into our homes.

Destined for Storage

Those items that can’t cross over from winter to spring need to be packed up and put away. Warm winter coats, ski jackets, snow pants, thick sweaters, hats, mitts and gloves don’t transition well. Cords, tights, turtlenecks and wool socks are also just eating up valuable closet space in warmer months. These items need to be put away until next year. Well labeled plastic bins and shopping bags that zip closed are perfect for storing items in the attic, basement or garage. If you have vacant space under the bed, consider rolling storage. It’s easily accessible yet completely hidden and out of the way.

Repeat this process quarterly and your closets will be the envy of family, friends and fashionista’s alike. Take a look at our blog here about pairing down your current wardrobe to make it more manageable.

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Photo by Annie Spratt