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Need a day off?

Enjoy spring-like weather by doing these fun outdoor activities with your family or friends:

  • PETAL SEARCH: Search for spring flowers such as crocuses and snowdrops in your neighbourhood – and take photos!
  • PICTURE PERFECT: Record the budding on a tree. Take a picture of the same tree everyday for a month beginning as soon as the snow melts (once and for all) in the spring. Use a digital camera and then present the pictures in a sequence. Beautiful art!
  • SWEET: Find a maple syrup festival and be there when the sap starts flowing!
  • MARKET FRESH: Visit a farmer's market and buy something new for your family to try. In the spring, fresh rhubarb or asparagus are a must!
  • ANIMAL KINGDOM: Go to a zoo where you can walk around outside to see all the different animals.
  • WHAT IS PINK AND FLUTTERS IN THE WIND? Go on an Apple Blossom Hunt. Head to the country and drive around until you find apple orchards in bloom. They're absolutely beautiful – and free to enjoy.