Getting the Kids on their Back-to-school Bedtime's featured image

One of the many things that children love about the long summer holidays is that their normal bedtime is usually extended. This often makes it tricky to get your children back into a regular bedtime routine as the new school year approaches. Here are a few ideas that might help you get them back on track.

Half an hour to wind down

Having a regular bedtime routine helps your child wind down and get ready to sleep. It might be as simple as a bath, drying their hair, brushing their teeth and reading a chapter of their book. Getting back into a routine after a more casual approach during the holidays will certainly help your child prepare for the new school year.

Switch off

We all know how much children love TV, computers and mobile devices. This passion can often make it harder to pry them away from their favourite games and programs to go to bed. If you want your child to get to sleep on time, make sure to turn these devices off an hour before their scheduled bedtime. This will help your children fall asleep easier.

Stick to your word

After relaxing the discipline during the summer months, your kids aren’t going to take too kindly to you laying down the law again. The easiest way to withstand the pleas and tantrums is to always remember that there is a purpose for your discipline. Your child needs a good night’s sleep to perform well at school the next day and sticking to your word will pay dividends when your happy and energetic child heads off to school.