Give your Mother’s Day Brunch a Touch of Charm's featured image

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate and acknowledge all the wonderful things our moms have done for us! This year, show mom just how much you truly appreciate her, by hosting a beautiful Mother’s Day brunch.

Whether you host a full meal, or a tea party and snacks, there’s no shortage of beautiful décor ideas to make the event even more special. Setting up a gorgeous table not only shows your guests how special they are, but also makes the event that much more memorable. Here are three fabulous DIY brunch décor ideas to decorate the table, each with their own complementary cleaning tip to ensure perfection.

Floral Centrepieces

Recycle an old mason jar to create the perfect vintage floral centrepiece.

Clean up

Moms love to keep their Mother’s Day flowers as long as possible. However, if kept too long, you are often left with a layer of scum in your mason jar. Don’t fret! Simply empty the vase of its contents, and fill it with warm water and 1/3 cup of coarse salt. Let the solution sit for five minutes then place the lid on the mason jar and swirl the salt and water around in the container. Rinse the mason jar thoroughly and wash normally.

Edible Flower Ice Cubes

Turn every glass of water into a mini floral arrangement by adding some gorgeous editable flower ice cubes. All you need are some editable flowers, water and a silicone ice cube tray to make these neat ice cubes. Editable flowers such as allium, carnations, chrysanthemum, honey suckle, and lavender are great to use and a can be purchased at your local grocery store in the herb section. Add a few petals from each flower to your silicone ice cube tray, add water and then freeze

If you are looking for a clearer ice cube, bring water to a boil for 2-3 minutes to distill the water, then let it cool completely before adding it to your ice cube tray.

Clean up:

Ensure your ice cube trays have been cleaned prior to making your ice cubes. Exposed to different types of food in the freezer, your ice cube trays can absorb several different odours, which can affect the taste of your ice cubes. Scrub your ice cube tray with a microfibre cloth and paste, made of baking soda and water. Rinse thoroughly and clean again using soap and water.

Personalized Fingerprint Placemats

Get the kids involved and create one-of-a-kind fingerprint placemats for the table.

Select a colour scheme for your placemats. It is recommended that you choose similar colours to the rest of your décor. Take a white or light coloured placemat and have the kids roll up their sleeves and dive in, distributing finger print polka dots across the placement. Let the placemat dry, then distribute to each place setting.

Clean up:

If you have children at home, you probably have a beautiful array of fingerprints on your furniture and walls. Don’t panic! Remove these fingerprints with ease, prior to your Mother’s Day brunch using a solution of 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar and a microfibre cloth. Have a stale piece of white bread at home? If so, you can repurpose it to remove dirty fingerprints. Simply add a couple drops of water to a slice of white bread and rub it lightly on the marks until they vanish!

If you are looking for assistance with cleaning up prior to your Mother’s Day brunch, MOLLY MAID can help!