Got a Bad Case of Sock Loss? Try These Quick Fixes's featured image

A few years ago, Samsung commissioned a study to address the bizarre phenomenon that happens when socks go into the washing machines, never to be seen again. The study concluded that in a single lifetime, people who do laundry lose a minimum of 1,264 socks! To add insult to injury, the cost for a lifetime of sock loss adds up to approximately $4,345! At MOLLY MAID, we did some of our own research and have concluded that these four laundering systems will help keep your socks paired for life.


  1. The Astronaut Treatment

Socks become vulnerable when they’re put into the washing machine on their own. It’s as if they’re being sent to the moon “unprepared”! Cure this vulnerability by keeping them securely paired with a laundry safety pin, a super heavy-duty safety pin, sock clips, or consider buying socks that are designed with snap fasteners. For best results, lay one sock on top of the other, and attach the safety pin through the layers of the sock that are touching. This will cushion the safety pin, so that it stays closed and doesn’t damage the washer or dryer.


  1. The Bag Rule

If you’re anti safety pin, keep your socks paired by putting them in a nylon laundry bag, a lingerie mesh bag, or simply toss them into a pillow case and tie a knot at the top to keep them trapped inside. Be sure socks are loose and not balled together in the bag or they won’t wash or dry properly.


  1. The Quarantine Method

Even socks that are fastened together can go missing. Sock duos can climb up the leg of a pair of jeans, or hide in the corner of a fitted sheet. Don’t take any chances by washing your socks in their own load! Get yourself a double or triple bin laundry sorter so that socks get their own VIP section.


  1. The Neat Freak Routine

If you mostly wear pantyhose, shape wear or designer socks, hand washing offers outstanding benefits. Best to soak your hosiery in cold water, with only a drop of mild soap. Rinse well, and air dry on a clothesline, over the shower rod, or a drying rack. Revisit our blog Drying Racks 101 to learn more about the benefits of each item listed above.