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Uh oh, you just remembered that you need to bring a gift for someone at tomorrow's Christmas dinner – and you forgot to get one!

Not to worry, the drugstore is still open on Christmas Eve and there are actually some great – and even inexpensive – gifts you can pick up there.

  • Gift card. Everyone appreciates a gift card whether it's for music, perfume or the movies. The cashier often can load up the balance for however much you'd like to give.
  • Magazine and subscription. Pick up a magazine that the person would be interested in and send off the subscription card, or go online – you can usually subscribe that way too.
  • Perfumed product. Whether you pick up someone's favourite perfume, body lotion or you head to the homes section and choose scented candles, these are welcome gifts.
  • Fashion umbrella. Most drugstores have a stand of fashion umbrellas for different prices. And everyone can use another one of these with the unpredictable Canadian weather.
  • Cozy slippers. Head to the aisle with socks, stockings and cozy slippers or socks. These make great colourful gifts.
  • Box of chocolates. Enough said!